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Adopting High end SMT component placement systems

Date: 2014-09-02
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Adopting High end SMT component placement systems

作者: 发表时间: 2013-09-02


To minimize the distance the pickup gantry must travel, it is common to have multiple smt nozzles with separate vertical motion on a single gantry. This can pick up multiple parts with one trip to the smt feeders. Also, advanced software in the newer generation machines allows different robotic heads to work independently of each other to further increase the throughput.


High end machines can have multiple conveyors to produce multiple same or different kind of products simultaneoulsy. SMT (surface mount technology) component placement systems, re robotic machines which are used to place surface-mount devices (SMDs) onto a printed circuit board (PCB), normally use pneumatic suction cups, attached to a plotter-like device to allow the smt nozzle head to be accurately manipulated in three dimensions. Additionally, each nozzle can be rotated independently. Through the middle of the machine there is a conveyor belt, along which blank PCBs travel, and a PCB clamp in the centre of the machine. The PCB is clamped, and the nozzles pick up individual components from the feeders/trays, rotate them to the correct orientation and then place them on the appropriate pads on the PCB with high precision.


They are used for high speed, high precision placing of broad range of electronic components, like capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits onto the PCBs which are in turn used in computers, telecommunications equipment, consumer electronic goods, industrial equipment, medical instruments, automotive systems, military systems and aerospace engineering.

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