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Tips for choosing best nozzles

Date: 2014-08-29
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Tips for choosing best nozzles

作者: 发表时间: 2013-08-29


There has been research and some experiments conducted on alternate nozzle designs including NXT nozzles. Almost all drop size data supplied by nozzle manufacturers are based on spraying water under laboratory conditions. The effect of liquid properties should be understood and accounted for when selecting a nozzle for a process that is drop size sensitive.


Nozzle wear is indicated by an increase in nozzle capacity and by a change in the spray pattern, in which the distribution (uniformity of spray pattern) deteriorates and increases drop size. Choice of a wear resistant material of construction increases nozzle life. Because many single fluid nozzles are used to meter flows, worn nozzles result in excessive liquid usage. Moreover, the material of construction is selected based on the fluid properties of the liquid that is to be sprayed and the environment surrounding the nozzle. Spray nozzles are most commonly fabricated from metals, such as brass, Stainless steel, and nickel alloys, but plastics such as PTFE and PVC and ceramics (alumina and silicon carbide) are also used. It is recommended to pay attention to several factors, including erosive wear, chemical attack, and the effects of high temperature.

Just like other commodities available on the market, we need some tips to choose the most appropriate ones to meet our specific needs. Apart from the tips mentions above, it’s also important to get nozzles with reliable reputation such as panasonic nozzles and NXT nozzles.

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