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Factors that will influence the performance of a S...

Date: 2014-08-28
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Factors that will influence the performance of a SMT nozzle

作者: 发表时间: 2013-08-28


After buying your carefully picked nozzles, some people may get annoyed when they find the nozzles just aren’t so powerful or function like a general nozzle despite the big money they invested in the device. Well, there are other factors which will affect the performance of all these nozzles including big brand nozzles like well-known smt nozzles and the powerful CM602 nozzle.


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Firstly, liquid temperature changes do not directly affect nozzle performance, but can affect viscosity, surface tension, and specific gravity, which can then influence spray nozzle performance. And secondly, specific gravity is the ratio of the mass of a given volume of liquid to the mass of the same volume of water. In spraying, the main effect of the specific gravity Sg of a liquid other than water is on the capacity of the spray nozzle. All vendor-supplied performance data for nozzles are based on spraying water. To determine the volumetric flowrate Q, of a liquid other than water the following equation should be used. Third, tynamic viscosity is defined as the property of a liquid that resists change in the shape or arrangement of its elements during flow. Liquid viscosity primarily affects spray pattern formation and drop size. Liquids with a high viscosity require a higher minimum pressure to begin spray pattern formation and yield narrower spray angles compared to water.


For detailed information, you can follow the instructions of professors who are familiar with the CM602 nozzle or other nozzles.

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