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Reliable SMT feeders will complete your production...

Date: 2014-08-19
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Reliable SMT feeders will complete your production perfectly

作者: 发表时间: 2013-08-19


Normally industries will be expecting the quality before ordering any production, and vital things like feeders should never be dealt with casually. Feeders play a main role in the production.


While there are various manufacturers offering feeders on the market, it’s wise to turn to reliable suppliers like SMT. The reason is new brand only will be available to them in the emergency time. In that case they will not take risk. They will check for the replacement if the product doesn’t work when it is installed in the machine. If they are able to find the smt feeders they will buy blindly because the company is good in their other products. So, naturally they believe their feeders will also work in the best manner.


Smt feeders can handle reels of solder and cut a variety of preform sizes for immediate pick and place during the assembly process. Gold tin, gold germanium and other materials are fed as ribbon to the feeder, which uses a guillotine mechanism to cut the preform while it is held over a vacuum hole for positive location by the pick-and-place tool. The process is optimized by programming the cam-driven blade and the stepper motor for control of indexing. The feeder presents the preforms at the same height as normal tool movements to achieve high cycle rates.


Besides, the smt feeders are said to be trouble free and industries are ordering more of this particular product. Of course there are many kinds are available in this product. The mouth piece will be different from each feeder. Depending on the requirement the industries will be buying their feeder.

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