Business trip to Israel and Egypt — Win-Win cooperation

Keeping making improvement and try our best to meet customers’ need is always QYSMT’s mission. So in order to understand their need better, we usually visit our customers every year ! 


During 12 May to 17 May,  our boss Tom and colleague John visited our customers in Israel and Egypt, such as Flex , Risco ect.

We have established long term cooperation with them and it is a great honor to visit them.


Thanks for this good opportunity, Tom and John can have a good meet with them. And they also went to their factory to see their production line. We usually communicated and talked about the products via email or phone before. Now after visiting factory , we know much more about their products . After talking with them and we understood better for customers’ market as well as need. Then we discussed  how to extend business and make better cooperation in the future.

We surely will cooperate with each other better in the future.  


BTW, they are so nice. Besides invited us for dinner and went shopping , we also went together to visit the Pyramid in Egypt. You can’t image how was that feeling unless you were standing there and watching it!  It is the great treasure for us and you can’t image how people built it before.

In a word, it is amazing and a good place to visit. So many thanks to our friends!


It was a great trip for us, not only for business but also for meeting our friends.

We understand that we need to and have to do it better in the future and we surely we will do it well.

Because we are not alone, our partner and friends will support us.

Keep moving QYSMT!