Fighting with Virus COVID-19

A sudden epidemic made the Spring Festival unusual. A battle against the epidemic is underway. In order to protect everyone’s health, medical staff rushed to the front of the epidemic without complaint. Thanks to their efforts, the epidemic has now been effectively controlled, making us feel that the beginning of 2020 may not be as good as it was imagined, but not so bad.
Thanks to the medical staff for all their efforts. It is their hard work that gives us the courage to face the disease, and their persistence gives us the confidence to overcome the disease. They are our heroes. This epidemic also made us love our country even more. When facing the epidemic, the government quickly take relevant measures to control the spread of the epidemic.
We also received a lot of concern from our foreign friends, thanks for their concern and blessings. With government leadership and the efforts of all medical staff, we are fully confident in and capable of effectively containing the novel coronavirus epidemic, and eventually defeating it!