QYSMT Annual meeting ! 2019!

As time went by, 2018 has become yesterday, 2019 is coming!

Many thanks to every member in QYSMT family , thanks for their effort all the time!


QYSMT is not only a company but also a family for us. We invited every member’s family to take part in our Annual meeting party!


In order to enjoy the party, we went to a beautiful place in Huizhou to relax and celebrate it.

We had a delicious dinner there and enjoy the hot spring well.

After the dinner, we played so many games and it was so great. Especially the children, they played with each other and had a lot of fun. The most important thing was that every one of them played a show , such as singing, dancing ect and then they got a nice gift! It made us feel like that we were the children too. It would be a unforgetable memory for us!


We are so thankful that we are one of the QYSMT family. 

Time keeps going, and we will never stop in 2019!

QYSMT will surely do it better in 2019.

Keeping moving and fighting — QYSMT!